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Report Defense Contractor Fraud

The Armed Forces of the United States of America is one of the greatest pillars of our nation's success and prosperity. To help perform its job of protecting America, the US military relies on defense contractors to provide it with top notch equipment, provisions, and services. When these private defense contractors defraud the government, not only do they cheat the taxpayers, but they undermine the security of our entire nation.

If you have information on a Defense Contractor that is defrauding the US government, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation for reporting it.

When a corporation cheats the government, it cheats all of us. If you are aware of acts of fraud committed by a defense contractor against the US government, it is your duty to stop it. The False Claims act (a Federal Law) allows a person to report acts of fraud committed against the government. Reporting fraud under the False Claims act provides you with "whistleblower" protection, and may entitle you to collect a percentage of the money that is collected by the government as a result of your information.

Get compensation for doing the right thing.

False Claims act cases often pay the "whistleblowers" compensation packages worth MILLIONS of dollars. The government believes that providing a large financial reward encourages people to come forward with information on fraud. By filing a claim, you can help make America safer - and receive compensation for it.

Have information on Defense Contractor Fraud?

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