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Defense Contractor Whistleblowers

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The False Claims act allows a Whistleblower to file a lawsuit on behalf of the government when that person has information that a company is cheating the government.  If you have direct knowledge of a defense contractor defrauding the US military, you may be able to file a Whistleblower claim under the the False Claims Act.

If you have direct knowledge regarding a Defense Contractor that is defrauding the US government, you may be entitled to receive compensation for reporting it.

When a corporation cheats the government, it cheats all of us. If you are aware of acts of fraud committed by a defense contractor against the US government, it is your duty to stop it. The False Claims act (a Federal Law) allows a person to report acts of fraud committed against the government. Reporting fraud under the False Claims act provides you with "whistleblower" protection, and may entitle you to collect a percentage of the money that is collected by the government as a result of your information.

Get compensated for "Blowing the Whistle."

False Claims act cases often pay the "whistleblowers" compensation packages worth MILLIONS of dollars. The government believes that providing a large financial reward encourages people to come forward with information on fraud. By filing a claim, you can help make America safer - and receive compensation for it.

Have Whistleblower knowledge regarding Defense Contractor Fraud?

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